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long day, figuratively.

it's actually been a really short day. i mean, in the sense that i woke up at 4pm. but i feel like it's been long because telf and i went out to wolf trap and saw Young Dubliners, Seven Nations, and Great Big Sea. all bands were kickass, and we had a picnic on the lawn and downed a bottle of wine. being out in the sun was fabulous, traffic was in our favor, and the bands demanded that people get up off their asses and dance. ran into friends there, too; ancellius, zarobi and their respectve cohorts, as well as malkin, although technically speaking i didn't actually get a chance to talk to her. :( some random guy named steve sitting behind us gave us free t-shirts... we couldn't tell if he was flirting, or just had some extra t-shirts, or what. if he was flirting, you'd think he'd have made more of an effort to get our phone numbers or something.

i'm plumb wore out. i'm calling and no one's answering. i'm going to go lay down on the couch.
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