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since the last time

well, i took a nap alright... how about a 7 hour nap? even with coffee, i am groggy, but this time from too MUCH sleep. i woke up around 10:45 and thought to myself, goodness. it's pitch dark. i even hit the snooze alarm, but the cat was having none of that and started clawing my face. so i got up and hit the showers, ate leftover pizza and drank gatorade (is this what my adult nutrition has come to??) and watched the very end of law and order. i then recieved a whiny call from the swing shift saying i had better come in because no one else was. wah. HEY GUYS I AM SCHEDULED TO COME IN, SO I WILL, that is how it works, ok? i stopped dallying and left for work. i took the anacostia freeway, which is the "shortcut" more or less... to find out that it stopped dead north of the east capitol street exit. i bailed and took a quick tour of southeast, but fortunately my directional instincts kicked in and found my way almost directly to 395S, patted myself on the back, and got to work ten minutes late. only to find out that there was a scary maintenance on 6509s. well, i've never done the stuff i needed to do before, but instead of letting me who has never done it before do it, the director had the guy from swing shift (who has also never done it before) stay and do it. on one hand, yay, he probably would do it better since he'd been present for the whole history of the problem. on the other hand, hey, ass, why don't you make it look like i'm totally incompetent to everyone concerned, and send me the distinct message that i'm not trusted?

i suppose all that's beside the point. i didn't have to work totally alone all night, and the maintenance got done. my throat is really sore. why can't i stop getting sick???? it's not as if i didn't rest enough. i know maybe i haven't been as hydrated as i would like... and i don't get alot of vitamins... alright, i suppose that answers my questions. if i want to deal with it, despairing is not going to help. i hope telf is marinating that steak i bought. i hope i can get wednesday night off for the fourth of july. i hope my utilities don't get cut off before i pay my bill. also, welcome to LJ, dragonballzzz

i had a hilarious dream about an amateur poetry contest and bizarrojack pulling some bizarre tom green-like stunts in front of all our friends and me getting really embarrassed about it. tee hee! did i mention that apart from embarrassing me horribly in my dreams, he rules? i haven't? well i'm mentioning it now.
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