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woohoo! thanks to everyone

...who posted songs in response to my last entry. if you think of any more post them too. i want to cull the best and make a mix cd.

i'm weary right now, but i wanted to make a post... i had a great weekend, i have to say that since i went to 4 10s i hate having 2 day weekends... this one was too short. telf's luau went well and i think i mostly got over what i was ticked about, so good. i got to see 4 different social circles mingling together and that is the sort of thing that usually really makes me feel happy about a party. saturday bizarrojack and i lazed around and fixed his tire and explored the buffet at the indian restaurant nearby. i managed to finish Lost Boys which i actually ended up liking. now i'm starting on stephen fry's autobiography, moab is my washpot which is so horriffically british it's not even funny. we went up to koira's place for some chilliing and movies. i chirped that "...But I'm a Cheerleader" is a great movie, and we ended up watching that, although i'm not sure everyone else loved it the way i do.

oh, and during the party on friday i got a call from one of my coworkers. no one had shown up for the midnight shift. i was, as i stated at the time, "four sheets to the wind", and could not possibly cover anyone's shift, so i did a little calling around but finally that same coworker that called came in. good, since he was supposed to. i hope i don't have to hear to much about the incident, because i believe i called him "motherfucker". i mean, in the nice way. you know like, "wahtchoo talkin 'bout willis", only with "motherfucker" instead of "willis". oops.

this morning i worked at the SPCA. there were at least ten people there this morning, as they were trying to make sure we were trained. i think it will be alot easier to remember the cats' names than the volunteers, because most of the volunteers are kind of alike to me and they all have very plain, whitebread, housewife names like "linda" and "terry". i can already tell it will be VERY hard not to want to bring any of the cats home; they all have their adorable personalities and sad stories. i do also know, however, that my nicolas probably wouldn't like to share his space. there is one big guy there, he's blind, and he's very standoffish, but everyone always wants to gush over him because of his disadvantage. i am very surprised some sweet person hasn't come along to take him home. i'll probably be repeating that refrain a few thousand times... at any rate, today was particularly heartwrenching because they brought in two new mothers and two litters for processing and placement in foster homes. they were strays. they were... well... i don't need to go into cuteness gushing mode.

just call me the cat lady.

oh, and i have a confession to make. i like the dave matthews band. SO SUE ME. i got some of their cds today at the used place on the way back from partaking of THE CHEESE DIP. i also got midnight oil, smashing pumpkins, 7 year bitch, and the ghost dog soundtrack. ok, i need to go take an antihistamine and a nap.
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