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no, really, i thought...

i was sure tonight would involve almost no work, since last night was so work-heavy. i was hoping to chill out and get through my email, muse on LJ, meditate and the like; of course that's not happening because we've had three outages and there's supposed to be a huge network naming convention overhaul. i'm kind of cranky for no good reason whatsoever; i feel upset that it seems like the invitees to friday's gathering are uninterested, and one of the main people i was looking forward to seeing (and who is definately a "life of the party" kind of guy) is going to bail after midnight because of a "foam party" at nation. i was surly with him. i suppose it's better than his just not showing up at all... it's silly, really, that i feel cranky because i had such a tremendously nice day. fortunately, i can now say that i'll leave here in about 2 hours, and go check on the temperature of my apartment since i didn't make it back there today. i'm worried about my cat. tomorrow night, i have to somehow get to gaithersburg by 7pm for the SPCA orientation and then possibly go out to the club briefly on my way to work. so, i have to choose an outfit that fits volunteering at the animal shelter AND dancing AND work. what's a girl to do?

does anyone have any suggestions on the perfect purse/satchel to carry around my palm, phone, wallet, and various other little things? i know that i have had this discussion with at least rob_donoghue before. my land's end briefcase is too big, my fossil purse is too small. help!

anything non-frivolous i have to say is being buried by work right now. suffice to say that i think things are going well. i need to go page some people about some nortel misery now, though.
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