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ah, the service

Today since I was bummed that I was in paralyzing pain from cramps, my AC is not cooling the apartment, and my cat refuses to eat, I decided to order a pizza. they only had one driver, so it was wait 2 hours or go pick it up. I went in to pick it up, and they had these nice little signs all over the place for themselves made up to look like the ten commandments. One of them said, "FORTH COMMANDMENT: Dedicated and Intelligent Service".


At any rate, I'm kind of lonely, but I won't be soon because we have a hell night ahead. 18 maintenances, only 3 of us in the office, one working from his vacation. And someone just messaged me that there would be a really obnoxious call about a really obnoxious customer. We don't have time... There are like 7 IOS upgrades, 7 card swaps, and a bunch of other really time consuming things. Hey, at least I get to feel important! I'm guessing it will even distract me from my pain. AND I found out all the other tests from my doctor last week came back negative.
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