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I just did the goofiest thing... I was eating these Pringles, right, the cajun flavored ones. I thought I liked them, but I didn't. I hated them. I wanted to throw away the ones I had removed from the can. But I didn't want my coworkers to think that I was wasting food. So, I actually picked up the pringles, carried them downstairs, and threw them away in a trash can there. I think I may be a teeny bit compulsive.

Now as a result of the aborted cajun-pringle-eating my fingers smell kind of like chicken soup stock.

Also, I will note that the drive to work, in the dark, is hypnotizing, and completely dangerous. My eyes were totally closing... I dread daylight savings, when the mornings going home will be a dark drive too.

This morning I sat down, sorted photos, ate half a failed attempt at a toaster-oven quesadilla, drank beer, and watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The photos were from 1996-1998. This includes the glut of my vampire-larping history, Rob time, and getting out of college and into my first job. It was a nice little nostalgia trip into a time I haven't wanted to think about.

Oh, I'd go on, but I have to deal with an irate, clueless sales engineer.
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