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slow down, you move too fast

last night was a great night! i woke up on time, well-rested, and went to dinner. i think there is something wrong with the A/C in my apartment, because it was spewing out a tiny amount of vaguely lukewarm air, but telf suggested it might just be frozen over and i should turn the cold off and run the fan for a while. i'm hoping that's it and that it doesn't have a leak. anyways, i went to dinner with frankensteela at bangkok delight in columbia, which was actually very good. we chatted about being cool and then she had to go to work, so i traipsed over to border's where i spent basically a bunch of money i should NOT have spent. i got another dead can dance cd, the U.S. version of neil's solo album, and the sleater-kinney album i didn't previously have. i also got a copy of "up the down staircase" which i'm hoping will be entertaining. i passed on buying the ladies' man dvd because i think i refuse to spend more than 15 bucks on a dvd or something. i grabbed a mochaberry and rolled the windows down and turned the radio up and had a very positive, edifying drive to work. as i mentioned to a few people earlier, you KNOW you're in a good mood when you think positive thoughts about the beltway. at any rate, i got in here a little early, bought my neil finn show tickets, and in between chats with traceracer and geniealisa and others got a fair amount of work done. nothing out of the ordinary, just enough to make me feel like i'd earned my wage and am not a lazy bastard. one of the guys on shift is working while on his vacation remotely, and this means that finally we're all using some kind of chat program to talk about work issues, and it's making me more comfortable in a really strange way. i also got an email last night that really cheered me up for no good reason whatsoever. i also spent a good deal of time fretting over why things have to be the way they are in regards to one person who is lost to me.

so, i close with a poem:

Pointy Bird by John Lillison
O pointy birds, o pointy pointy,
Anoint my head, anointy-nointy.
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