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where do we go from here...

those are just the song lyrics on the mp3 player right now. i'm pissed because the one cd i burned is all skippy. stupid tempermental software. that's not how you spell that, is it?

at any rate, saturday (which i'm currently still thinking of as yesterday) we drove to the tiki party; apparently there was some hullabaloo on the PA turnpike, however we saw none of it because they were turning cars around right up until us, and they let us go ahead. thank god. i remembered about halfway there that i had indeed been to pittsburgh before; for the WORST REGIONAL CONCLAVE EVER, which was also my last big cam event. RCC '99, ahhhh yes. let's continue to pretend i have never been to pittsburgh. oh, and i had the best fucking hardee's hot ham and cheese sandwich EVER. where is the nearest hardee's to laurel??? so, anyways, the parts of pitts i saw between meatnog's house and the highway were quaint; it made me enthused about the place immediately. the house itself was roomy and everyone was relatively friendly. unfortunately, i had a pretty introverted night, and ended up doing as much reading in a corner as socializing - that's pretty rare for me. i got to talk some to jody, but felt comfortable with everything, and disappointingly got no pleasant alcohol feelings. fortunately, that means i got no unpleasant ones either. and i even got to share a futon and not have to sleep on the floor. it was about the best post-party waking up i could ask for. then denny's, then the drive back was nice. we hardly listened to any music the entire way because there was PLENTY to chitchat about with examorata, to whom i am grateful for driving the entire way.

oh, the book i got a good start on is Orson Scott Card's Lost Boys. i'm really really hoping it picks up after page 135, because it's been really depressing and dull up to that point. and the characters of course are irritating. i thought it was supposed to be a thriller about the son of the family, but mostly so far it's been "blah blah blah our lives are so miserable, people suck, too bad everyone is not mormon". rar.

i made bizarrojack sit around and watch my newest obsessive TV show with me, Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska. it's sick, and awful, and i am totally addicted. i will note that i heard that the newest Law & Order series (yes, another one) will be real people in real courtrooms. freaky.

on a not funny note. i found out that a former coworker from the National Academy of Sciences, Marvin Weeks, passed away recently. i wish i had kept in touch with him because he was a kind man who helped me out a great deal when i was going through a miserable time at that job. he was always cheerful. i had not spoken to him in the three years since i left that job but i remember him as clearly as when i just left. definately a reality check. i hope he had a peaceful passing.
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