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weird dreamland

i don't know why, but the past few days have been weird in regards to my sleeping life. sometimes i go through periods of not dreaming, which is never fun, and sometimes i just dream alot about real life concerns taken pretty much verbatim from my waking life. then there are those occasions where i dream just wacky shit.

1. thursday night, i dreamed that i was the girlfriend of this evil guy that had several girlfriends and kept them locked up in abandoned dorm rooms. he psychologically conditioned them to obey him and not want to leave, and would only let them out to give the illusion that they had freedom. one of these occasions occurred one night and i was trying to foment a revolution among the hostages by getting them to try to run away or make contact with their loved ones while they had the chance. my old friend from the cam moira was one of them and she and i decided to try to write a letter and send it saying that we needed help, but the guy found us writing the letter and took it away. i knew that if we went back in now, he'd kill us or something so i was trying to figure out a way to get my stuff so i could get out and besides none of the other girls were being convinced. the last thing i remember from this dream was that i was like, oh no! there he is! and it turned out the guy was bruce campbell.

2. the dream i had last night was even more nefarious. a bunch of friends and i were going to a concert of some goth band. there was a street festival like atmosphere in a small downtown area. dharshai was there and had driven us, and she opened up her trunk to reveal this whole bunch of bootlegs that she was going to sell. someone that was with us, i can't exactly remember who, was all offended that she would be trying to sell illegal stuff and have it in her car with us and not tell us. so somehow while we were all fighting about this, some evil gangsters came to steal the stuff and take us hostage. they were trying to figure out what to do with us, and one of them seemed like he was looking at us the wrong way. we all tried to run away but he caught up with me. we had this conversation (me and the particular gangster) about how he'd never rape me. then he proceeded to try to do so. i was trying to bite him and kick him but i could hardly move. for some reason in my mind, though, i knew it wouldn't work because i would either fight him off or wake up before it happened. the evil rapist in the dream was one of the gangsters from the movie Ghost Dog since I had seen a little bit of that on the sundance channel yesterday.

at any rate, my subconcious is clearly hard at work on something there!

oh, so i still don't know exactly how the wwhole doctor thing went, however i do know i feel better. huzzah. the sonogram was not as awful and scary as i thought. the woman was very complimentary about the look of my uh... sonogram slides... but wouldn't tell me if there were any particular results, cysts, etc. i was like, so... there are no tennis ball sized tumors huh? and she cryptically said that i shouldn't worry so much. i think they are required not to tell you the results. i could see what they were doing, though, and it all looked... well, it all looked like grey clouds to me. *shrug*

the suck part of that day was that i went to drive myself to the doctor because i was bound and determined to just do this for myself and not need any help, and i had a flat tire. 15 minutes to get to the doc's, full bladder, flat tire. fuck. i beleive i even punished the poor little car by kicking it in the bumper. it doesn't deserve this abuse! at any rate, thanks to my ride. ;)

other fun details: some birds have settled down into a nice homestead in my wall. they got in through the overhang on my porch, and how it sounds like there's a cockfight going on next to my desk all day. i do not like vanilla coke. and i don't understand why it is that it seems sometimes that i've gone through all kinds of crap only to not learn anything. (wasn't i saying, "i don't know what love is, i have to learn the meaning of the word before i can use it!" four years ago? christ on a bicycle!) also the key to my car has stopped working in the door consistently.

today, off to tiki. i'm missing some kind of social reunion of people from my old job that would have been neat to attend, but i already committed to this. it should be fun although now i hear traceracer isn't coming which is very sad.



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Jun. 22nd, 2002 10:52 am (UTC)
I know, I'm going to regret not going because it sounds like a blast! But with my trip to Scranton tomorrow and mentoslad's alleged network thing that didn't actually happen last night, it just didn't seem to make a lot of sense.

However, I hope you have a fabulous time!!!!
Jun. 23rd, 2002 11:37 pm (UTC)
woo! you bet i did! i hope you have a fabulous time in scranton.
Jun. 24th, 2002 02:17 pm (UTC)
Oooh, the old Aspire had that lock problem for a while too, but it somehow straightened itself out before I gave it to you.
Jun. 25th, 2002 06:33 am (UTC)
the old aspire seemed to do it mainly when it was cold. i remember one time i had to open the hatchback and climb in and unlock the doors... this one seems to just completely not accept the key one time and then be fine with it another. i have read many aspire reviews, and basically it seems like this is a common problems with the locks ford put on its cheapo cars during that time. oh well! i consider it a small price to pay, for $0/month. :)
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