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today's little report

it's my friday, and thank god. i'm a little worried i may spend the weekend being useless; i woke up today in significant pain. the only reason i came here to work tonight is because i know that we have terrible coverage right now and there would be alot of work tonight. i need to go home soon, but i'm not done. i haven't been terribly useful here, either. i have a huge bottle of magic elixir, and cookies, and a wool cardigan, and mp3s. hopefully the doc will see me tomorrow or at least, since i know exactly what's wrong, give me a prescription over the phone. so, hopefully i'll make it to WSC tomorrow, but if not, maybe i will make it to uh, something else later this weekend. or maybe i'll be on my couch whining. who knows! i probably won't do that though. i have too much energy.
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