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book club rules!

i'm a dork, i know. but book club was great this month. probably because we didn't talk that much about the book. we really ought to consider reading some paul theroux, based on the fact that he ripped apart the naipaul novel we just read. at any rate, there were TEN suggestions for next month, and some exciting theme suggestions for the coming months afterward. right now we'll be voting between Savage Beauty, a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Cunt, a feminist manifesto of sorts, and A Question of Time which is a thing about Tolkien by a local author. there were many other good suggestions, which i'll put on the web site eventually, but i was just so happy to have everyone over to my little apartment and have a terrific and lively discussion. and snacks. :)

heh, mark just asked me to make sure that nate reads his "action item report". sounds like a euphemism to me!!

i think craft night has been cancelled. so tonight i am at loose ends, tomorrow will be more Washington Social Club, and then who knows. it's all in my best friend, the palm pilot. cheerio!
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