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Well I just made sure I was paid up for fall semester; A&P II is go. Although I kind of wish I was taking this:

BIO-2500. Biological Principles for Forensic Science 4 Credits
An introduction to the principles governing the application of biology and biological statistics
that are used to analyze evidence from crime scenes. Topics will include evidence examination
and preservation; presumptive and confirmatory biological testing; blood, urine, semen, hair
and fiber comparisons; generation and statistical analysis of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA
profiles; understanding the modern forensic crime laboratory; the role of the forensic scientist
within the Criminal and Civil United States Court system. 3 class/3 lab hours.

Yeah! Registering for classes is always way more fun to think about than actually doing the final papers for them, which is what has me down right now. I sort of remembered the assignment as being a 5 pager, but I was wrong. It's a 10 pager. The rough draft is due tomorrow, and it will be very rough. I also just read the final exam study notes, and that'll be rough as well. I'll be spending some time during our girly weekend in Berkeley Springs studying.

I am in a similar boat at work with writing; I have a big document to finish and mostly some thoughts in note form. In the next few days I'll have to transform both of these. I should be transforming the work one right now.

Thursday night was softball (we lost x2). Friday night I played tennis with examorata at the lit courts. Saturday was about studying and going to see pictsy at the Palace of Wonders. Sunday was about visiting traceracer & jwiv & the n00b (I say affectionately!) and trying to write this paper. The entire weekend was about insomnia; every night I would be exhausted, lay down to go to sleep, and nothing would happen. For hours. Even after melatonin. Last night I drank Sleepytime Extra tea with valerian and actually counted sheep... backwards from 1000. The last one I remember counting was 919, so it kind of worked!
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