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Remember when I was in shock that it was last monday? Well wash, rinse, repeat. We're halfway through 2008 and I feel like I'm still not finished contemplating the impact of 2007.

tzel and I went to the Ram's Head Live last week to see Pat Benatar. Beforehand, however, we had dinner at Mex next door. On a weekend, I probably wouldn't want to set foot in the place, but early on a Tuesday it was lovely inside. We had excellent service and apart from their unfortunate problem of being out of avocados, the food was good. It was not blowing us away - the cheese dip needed more spice for instance - but worth it, as it was on the cheap side for dinner. The show itself was good - her voice was clear and beautiful. Her band rocked. The crowd was mostly women our age and up, although the wonderful guys standing behind us who were clearly big Pat fans were great; since I couldn't see real well I just enjoyed the big gay dance party.

I never talk about work here because I largely can't talk about specifics and sometimes generalities. I do kind of mostly paddle along right now with a great deal of fear because my main support person is completely consumed in another project. I am on my own and very confused most of the time. It's not my favorite but fortunately my boss continues to be great.

Finally went to see the Sex & the City movie with my classmates from A&P. I take it back, my one classmate and Jack, because everyone else bailed. Mostly I realized that for a half-hour show I can take and leave what I like and hate, but for a two hour movie, it just left me angry for myriad reasons. But hey, Chris Noth on the big screen, that's a plus.

The next few weeks of my summer class-taking will consist of mainly project stuff. The group project (groan) & the paper. My plan of attack is to take the book (for the paper) which I just finished reading and make a bunch of notes of things I could possibly talk about and then like dough, allow it to rise through insertion of extra words. For the group project - that will require more research. I sent my group a list of tasks last night. I am desperately hoping they respond by Wednesday. I just want this done and over with at this point.

For a totally unplanned weekend, I did a mess of stuff: lunch at Abol with omphaloskepsis and tzel, after which we scoured the Crafty Bastards fair for things that were not twee, irreverent t-shirts and adorable stuffed monsters. (I bought handmade soap. I have enough for three years now.) And then took a timeout af the Piratz Tavern, where we got crumby service and no ice. The vegetarian platter at Abol was really good though. I could do that every weekend! I wish I knew how to count the points though.

After I dropped my ladyfriends off, I chilled at home long enough to cool off and then headed to the 9:30 to catch chiba's band The Hypersonic Secret. They were pretty darn good.

Got home and pretty much was in for the rest of the weekend trying to read chapters in the text & playing diablo ii, after the great news from blizzard inspired us. Hey, with the latest patch you don't have to keep the CD in. LAN party anyone?
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