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Friday night rolled down to the Lake Elhorn area to have a little dinner with Lars for his birthday. There was some crazy art thing going on so we just had sandwiches at the cafe - they were yummy.

Saturday woke up, hit the drum lesson where I got assigned "Sad But True" which is slow but already giving me trouble. Zipped home, got Jack and headed to 6 flags for the office summer picnic. Still hate 6 flags. Wasn't conducive to socializing with coworkers. Wish I'd skipped it. Went home and tried desperately to focus on homework to little avail. Moved on to maroonmd's for her birthday karaoke times.

That was well worth it. I did Cher (Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves), Linkin Park (In the End), John Michael Montgomery (Sold), Squirrel Nut Zippers (Hell), and Outkast (Hey Ya). Possibly something else but it might have been forgettable since I don't recall it. I saw peoples that I only get to see at Maia & Paul's and like, actually made eye contact and wasn't a total doofus. People think I'm an extrovert (and I am) but inside my head, I am often working against a flight reaction with people I don't know very well. A rocking time was had for sure. I intended to stay only a short time and would have closed the place down if I hadn't known I needed to get up and do some reading for class!

Speaking of class, I haven't said much about it. This is because the online thing makes it feel like it's not really happening, even though it is. I really don't understand how this is supposed to work. So far we have to read the chapters, and take a quiz on them (which you can re-take as many times as you want) and participate in the weekly discussion which means making at least two half-assed comments with buzzwords. No teaching has been done. Is that how it works usually? If so I loathe it and hope I never have to take a class this way again. I need a teacher to freaking teach me and interact with me. We're in week three and things should be ramping up pretty quick as far as projects so I'm trying to clear my social schedule but I have a really hard time focusing when I get home. Been doing too many other things.

One of which was peril_book_club on Monday, where I got to play the villain. I am glad that discussion is over with. However I am uncomfortable with the next book as well, and am just hoping to get through the discussion without emotional scars and move on.

On Sunday I did call my dad. We are going to go to my hometown over July 4th weekend so you Norfolk area people keep your wits about you! Or email me or something. I don't have a plan but my parents will take up most of my time and I already expressed an intention to invade the territory of geniealisa.

I am super extra psyched as I have an interview on Sunday with the DC Girls Rock Camp people.

And the now-ubiquitous flickr plugging:

before & after Magic Yellow Slug Oz fresh! bubbles 
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