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Top Chef: I thought I might have a crush on Tom Colicchio, but after reading this I am completely sure. (Spoilers at link!)

SYTYCD: I have been watching this only when I work out on my mini-trampoline. After randomly catching 15 minutes of a previous season's rerun, falling in love with Pasha times ten, and then finding out that it's GREAT for encouraging me to work out, I started recording the new season. I realized that I never got hooked on the show before because I hated the auditions. They keep turning people down that I think are good dancers. But I will persevere and hope for another hot russian.

Speaking of dance and working out, inspired by motorharp I was thinking it would be fun (and because clearly I don't have enough hobbies) to take an adult ballet class. A cursory googling tells me that finding one nearby is going to be nigh unto impossible. Anyone know of any ballet classes for random ungraceful adults?

Summer season of softball is in full swing and I still stink and now I have to play 3rd base much of the time and it would be nice if I could stop a ball, like, ever. There were several in last night's game that I was sure I was on top of and went right through my legs or over my foot. GOD.

I spent the weekend traipsing around all over the place. Philly in one day (worked out well! should have left about an hour earlier for maximum wakefulness) including my first ever fish tacos which were tasty and delightful. Pictures if I ever get them off my camera. I also went to Baltimore to play some canasta with the cards crew. Band practice got cancelled... oh well. we waited 6 months, what's another week. We *might* have a new bassist. She knows who she is.

Return to Weight Watchers is going great and a big part of it is being able to talk food with tzel on a near-daily basis. Apart from the wedding fumbles it's going great.

People responded to my post about wanting to play D&D with responses that made it sound like they thought I was way more knowledgeable about games than I actually am. The sad fact is that apart from one or two isolated incidents that were so forgettable that I mostly forgot them, I have never been asked to play in a D&D game. When I was in elementary/jr high school I knew that some of the boys played D&D and I remember wanting to play really badly, but always being told to buzz off because girls don't/can't play that. Obviously once I got to college I found many gaming compatriots and ventured off into GURPS and then LARP but nobody ever said, "Kim, come play D&D with us". So I guess I have sad emo geek scars over that. Also it means I don't give a flying patoot what version it is or anything because I won't know the difference. Also I might hate it. Who knows.

I have been thinking and reading a bunch about photography lately and it is starting to creep over me that I want, really want, a DSLR. I know hardly anyone but a few friends look at my flickr stuff but I spend a stupid amount of time on it and get all happy when a shot comes out and think about composition a bunch and how to eke out the best pictures from my (very surprisingly able) little P&S. So I wonder if I have an eye for composition and I wonder if I could do more interesting things with a single lens reflex. So I guess I may be asking people who want to get me a birthday or christmas present to put some money in the piggy bank, as it were. I keep saying I won't have time to really learn how to use it, but I also can't stop thinking about it and do spend a certain amount of time with my little powershot. Here's a photo I took that I really love that only 2 people have ever seen:

one purple hope

I have one last question for everyone: Who out there is using and I don't know it? The new Firefox addon has an awesome little widget that tells me when people have added bookmarks and I enjoy seeing what people tagged. My bookmarks can be found here so add me to your network!
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