keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

A Thought

6 months of cable = DSLR body, at least. Perhaps used, a body and a lens.

Every month a hundred dollars in the bank. More time spent doing productive things. Perhaps a better cushion if someday I go to school full time.

Hmmm. Has it been worth it to be able to talk TV with everyone, and to be able to turn my brain off and fill it with Miss Rap Supreme & The Soup periodically? How much would I miss it? Will Grey's Anatomy get better such that I don't want to wait for DVD? Would my friends get irritated at me asking them to tape things periodically?

Plus this icon could return to circulation. :) Thoughts, comments, self-righteous anti-TV rants and reactionary pro-TV hype welcome.
Tags: tv
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