keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
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due to attention span issues, the following post will contain bullet pointed items.

- got my new Crumpler bag. it rules even if it's too big.
- liked Indy 4; probably would agree with your criticism though. still, liked it.
- getting to Erie is long, and my ability to take the Long Road Trip is inconsistent these days
- Bravo! italian restaurant in Cranberry township PA is really good
- I think I have about had it with Quality Inns; once I turn in these points I will try another chain
- George's restaurant in Erie is a great breakfast place, recommended
- got to go to presque isle, unexpected treat!
- also Waldameer! the wacky shack! a classic!
- got home safe
- doctor says i don't have asthma
- of the 15 or so people who have posted on my psych class boards, we have 11 future nurses

And of course, congratulations to p_sunshine and simplesimon on their wonderful wedding and the beautiful church and brilliant reception and excellent food. Reuben puffs? Brilliant!!

Photos at some point later.
Tags: bags, class, health, movies, travel
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