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A 3-day weekend put to use.

I already posted about the fine time I had eating belated birthday tapas, so I will skip that, but I did a bunch of other nice things this weekend that I should record for posterity.

Friday: Attended the Honeychuck show at the 9:30. My friend chiba plays guitar in this band and I wanted to make sure to be there to support them for this; playing the 9:30 is rather a huge deal! I hadn't been there in a while so to see it when it's not a sold-out show, after so long, was kind of weird. It doesn't smell like smoke anymore, and it seems so much smaller than I remembered it. I usually hate going there but this was nice. The band performed perfectly and had many of the crowd bopping around. I didn't stay for the following bands, since I'm a jerk like that. Some guy stopped me on the way out to give me a hard time for leaving; he was either in one of those bands or was hitting on me. I noticed him looking at me earlier so I'm thinking the latter. Which would be fine because it's been a good eon and a half since that happened. When I got home I fit in some drum practicing and we watched the season finale of Grey's.

Saturday is documented in pictures. With the exception of my drum lesson, which would have been weird to document.

Sunday I had wanted to get up, fix up the music room, have band practice, and then go out to WV to visit fabulist. That did not work out how I wanted it to but I will say that band practice was really cool. I asked examorata to come try to play bass since she had casually mentioned an interest. Chach was obliging and did some teaching and we put together our first two Jelly Sharks songs with her handily. After Jen was gone Chach and I tried to remember the rest of our set, which we did handily!! It was awesome!! With the exception of the last song we learned, we pretty much remembered everything. Also, by the time all was said and done it was 5pm and too late for me to go out to WV. I feel bad about that, because I really wanted to go. I took a leisurely time laying on the bench in our teeny back yard instead; despite the nearness of other buildings and our cars, it was a nice little slice of nature until a bug fell out of the tree onto my face, which left me slightly less relaxed.

Monday was for leisure time & grilling. Back to tzel's! I brought the cheap knockoff of Ladder Golf I had found at Target (sigh... all plastic.) and I enjoyed that a bunch, despite some tree and rose thorn issues. (Yes, it turns out there are MANY instructions and knockoff sites for making PVC and other variations on Ladder Golf.) Once we got home we decided to kick back with something from Netflix. We were in a rare "we can handle drama" kind of mood and watched The Wind That Shakes the Barley which was for me an education. It was good even if it seemed kind of rushed as it reached the end. I liked that the director kept in little verbal missteps and flubs because it made it all the more real, and didn't take away a smidge of the intensity.

It was hard to keep my tattoo out of the sun this weekend.

I also restarted WW and a general being healthy campaign on friday. I was in a terrible mood and in a rare feat turned a turd into a diamond. So I feel great, within myself, today. I worked out on the trampoline every day so far and blah blah points I know you don't want to hear all the details of that. I wish I knew what it was that struck me to reject all the bad things in the world and just be fucking positive, because I would like to be able to recreate that at a later date. At the moment I will settle for that as the default mode and hope it continues, or will it to continue as much as I can.
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