keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

PSA: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I have been thinking a bunch lately about plastic. Wow. Do we ever use a mess o' plastic. From pens to sodas to cleaning products... it's driving me crazy! We were just having a discussion in the lunchroom (we have a very sociable lunchroom) about whether the cleaning crew actually puts the recycling in a separate bin or if they just trash everything and I remarked that since I learned about the giant mass o' trash in the Pacific ocean I have been nuts about recycling and trying to avoid buying new things that are plastic, which is basically impossible.

Not that my little contribution helps anything, but I forget that people don't know about the trash in the pacific, so I figured I would share that info, and maybe someone else has some other info to share about it. The articles are depressing since there seems like nothing you can do, but starting with considering things less disposable is good.

I feel like shampoo is something I need to use. But short of making my own, I have to get it in a plastic bottle. Hrmm.
Tags: earth, environment, green
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