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Liam Finn @ Jammin' Java + Come Out Friday

I am so glad I went to the trouble of going down to Jammin' Java last night to see Liam Finn. Liam & EJ were on fire, whether out of artistic exuberance, exhaustion, or endrunkness I don't know. Perhaps a combination. I never remember to take myself out of the moment and write down a set list, but they definitely did Better to Be, Energy Spent, Second Chance... well he played most of the album. I got there a little late and the place was just buzzing with hipster intensity, but I still sat down pretty close... but not close enough to catch any of the drumsticks he repeatedly flung (accidentally) into the audience. Ah, well. :) I would mention highlights but the whole thing was a highlight. They were on! It was much better than the DC9 show. Liam didn't have his full drum kit but played the bass parts on a floor tom and just soloed the hell out of 1 snare, 1 tom, and 1 cymbal. You don't need much. It ruled. OK I admit there was one highlight - he said it was his mom's birthday that night and proceeded after some banter to play an intense mum's birthday jam which brought down the house. EJ whipped out an autoharp at some point. I don't think I'd seen an autoharp played live, so that was awesome too.

They recieved a little standing O and despite being the opener, came back and did an encore. I didn't have the guts to yell out "SWEET DREAMS" largely because despite the fact that I've heard him cover it on some radio station, I am guessing he doesn't keep that one on tap, plus is it rude to yell out the name of a song from the artist's dad's band from before said artist was even born or said artist's dad was even in said band? Probably.

After the show, I eventually got the gumption to stand in the autograph line with my (extra) cd to get it signed (I don't care about autographs but I wanted to talk to them) and I don't know why but when I talk to famous or semi-famous people or artists I admire a great deal I get absolutely star-struck. I had thought of a whole mess of things to say, but when I got up there, I was totally tongue tied! I managed to ask why he didn't bring the whole drum kit, to which the answer was "it wouldn't fit in the car!" and where they were heading to next (philly, which is like, something I could know from the website) and when they would be back (september, but i see no solid evidence of this online - should have got more stupid details!) and one other thing (those of you who I called and told this story to, feel privileged!) before I FLED. I mean, other people got up there and had a normal adult conversation with the man but I couldn't get two sentences out or make reasonable eye contact. GOD. I was kicking myself. A bunch. Still am. I'm going to be better prepared if I get another chance.

Anyways, I entreat you all to (figuratively) run, do not walk, to Yep Roc and order I'll Be Lightning. I know I listen to alot of weird music but this one is a major big time crowd pleaser. I promise.

Next up in live showgoing: Honeychuck at the 9:30 friday!! I hate going to the 9:30 but I'll go for Honeychuck! Come with me!
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