keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark


I just had an amazing experience. My A&P classmate brought her daughter over because she had expressed an interest in playing the drums. She was so excited - it was totally awesome. Also since my house clearly looks like I've never grown up, she thought I was super cool. Hah! Kid, if you think I am cool, I like your style, but you may be in trouble out there in the real world. It was really flattering. She said "mom, can I come live here?" What higher compliment from a 10 year old, I ask you?

So I was emailing her mom and I thought "I wonder if someone's gotten around to having a DC Girls Rock Camp." And lo and behold, someone has. So I am just gonna submit my volunteer application... it's highly unlikely I could get enough time off work to help but what the hell.
Tags: drums, music, rock camp
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