keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

You guys have been able to skip all of my frivolous... well most of my frivolous thoughts because of twitter. Today, I'll burden you with them.

My main concern right now in regards to finals is the muscles of the arm and leg. I am having a total blind spot, particularly as concerns the forearm, on remembering this stuff. HALP! (Pronator teres - got it. Biceps & triceps brachii - got it. Anything involving an extensor, a longus, a flexor, a carpi, or whatever, I can't get situated in my head.) I'm going to have to bust out the coloring book. In other career-related news, I read longingly and wistfully about Georgetown U's accelerated BSN program. I would have to re-take Chemistry. I am totally a poster child for all the admonitions parents give about worrying about your grades in college.

I officially renounce my support of Jason Castro on American Idol. I guess 'Fragile' & that Leonard Cohen song were flukes. My votes went to Syesha, who brought it. (Despite her awkward comments.)

Yesterday during a meeting in order to focus and remain positive, I flipped to a back page of my trusty legal pad and wrote down some things I have to be thankful for.

Jack assembled the workout trampoline. I have already studied while jumping on it and watched TV while jumping on it. If I could practice drums while jumping on it and play World of Warcraft while jumping on it, I would have the strongest legs in Laurel. If only I knew what to call the muscles I was strengthening. (At least I know two are the gastrocnemius and soleus.)

Work is work although I have been far more productive this week than previous weeks and I would like to maintain that trend.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer. There will be trashy book reading, video game playing, and general loafing.
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