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Weekend: The Musical Box, fierce proudness, reading

Didn't make it to the CH show friday. Was in lab trying to get as much info as possible about the final. Heard it was the best concert ever. Sad. But recognize that the grades I get now are going to follow me around a while. Got to have ice cream with necrocannibal and msteleute later that night so that was good.

I woke up and ran errands saturday morning. I had a bunch of random checks to deposit (way more of a pain in the butt now that I truly work nowhere near a bank branch) and after trying oontzgrrl's indoor workout trampoline, I simply had to have one. I didn't like the look of the ones online, and they were out of the exact model I had tried, so I just went to Dick's. They had one model, which was cheesy, but dirt cheap. I'll have to see if I can get ridiculous action photographs and post a review. I also went to Target despite having forgotten why I was going - but knowing that I would remember when I saw it. And lo, I did remember; I was looking for a non-overpriced memory foam pillow that approximates the functionality of those ones you get at the healthy back store but for 1/4 the price. After looking past it 7 times I finally saw it, purchased it, but I'd have to wait to last night to try it out. It didn't seem to work any miracles and I felt like I still ground my teeth, but, I think it was better for my sleeping posture, so I'll keep it. Even if it smells kind of... weird right now. While at Target I also purchased about 1,000 other things, among them a bucket to catch the water that runs while I'm warming up my shower in the morning so I can use it for other things like watering plants or what-not. I have now collected the water, but haven't figured out how I'm going to deliver it to the plants. I think I need one of those rainwater reservoirs to keep outdoors and dump it in that.

Does anyone know where I can buy one locally?

Anyways, having done all that practical stuff it was time to toss stuff in the car and run off to Atlantic City! I remembered the drive as being longer. It was not so bad, particularly since the GPS got us around some hairy traffic stuff and I needed that time to study anyways. We basically got there just slightly ahead of the appointed time. I really wish I weren't so frugal... someday I'd like to stay in a nice hotel room. At least this one had an interior anti-evildoer lock. (We stayed in Absecon.) We met my friends from the Genesis forums at the Hard Rock Cafe which is in the Trump Taj Mahal. I had the best macaroni and cheese dish I've had in years! We all chatted about music and when I went to the bathroom I discovered they had one of the Monkees' classic 8-button shirts, which led to this ridiculousness. By the way, it had some kind of stain on it. Ew!

Anyways, it wasn't too long before it was showtime. The last time I saw this particular band in this particular location was in 2005, and it was the first time I met up with any Genesis people. Aww. This time things were a bit more casual and I looked forward to being able to share the experience with Jack. Unfortunately, the seating was atrocious. I was able to use about half my seat due to the large, drunk, friendly guy on my right who swore he'd seen Genesis with PG 20 times back in the day. My ass hurt before I was there 15 minutes. Of course much of this is forgotten when the music starts, but not all, as it's hard to dance with a stranger practically in your lap. It turned out Jack wasn't feeling well, plus anytime I leaned over to tell him some tidbit about the song that was on or the instrumentation, it clearly irritated the crap out of the girl sitting behind us.

But enough complaining! Gregg Bendian was incredible in his performance. He's somewhat recently replaced Martin Levac as the drummer and is frighteningly skilled. Everyone on the boards was all pooh-poohing him because they love Martin and Martin looks so much like Phil. While I agree with those things, they should not distract from the fact that Gregg is a phenomenal drummer. I got to wander up and shake his hand after the show and get a picture, a gesture I increasingly don't understand the value of much like autographs, but I did get to ask him about his favorite song to play and tell him how awesome and yadda yadda. People seem to think this is the end of The Musical Box as we know it. I am starting to think they are right, and that is sad.

After the show we hung out in the Casino and drank for a while and chatted with forum people as well as the lead singer & the drummer from Trespass. Poor Jack had to endure a little geeking. I had to get us to bed a little early so we bid everyone adieu and hoped that we'd all meet again.

We woke up of our own accord Sunday morning due to the fact that you could hear every single person clomp by our room as if they were wearing combat boots. We pretty much rolled out of bed and hit the road, enjoying a really pleasant drive back from the shore. I had to get home early so I could dress up to go to a fancy reading for Jolie's MFA class! We got there in plenty of time and even got to spend extra time with the visiting rackletang as part of the bargain. I had forgotten that I'd be on AU campus and this gave me a tiny twinge of regret. (It was my first choice school. We couldn't afford it at the time.) But as I often say, I wouldn't change a thing, so I walked around with my community college pride (clearly I need a PGCC hoodie!) and refocused because you know, it's not always all about me, is it. It swells the heart to see a friend succeed and I was glad to bear witness. We celebrated with J's mom and the Usual Suspects and greasy diner food. (Grilled cheese on rye, whoah, why didn't I try it that way before??) After which I noticed a distinct sleepiness coming over me.

Went home, read the peril_book_club book (meeting tonight at 8!) in the bungee chair surrounded by kittycats, went to bed. I need to spend more time in that bungee chair, man.
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