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For the past several weeks I've been sleeping with my custom dentist-made night guard on, to stop the rapid deterioration of my teeth from grinding. Now when I don't make it through the night with this thing on (sometimes I take it out in my sleep) it feels like I'm putting a good 70 pounds of pressure on my poor little teeth. This sucks! And makes me talk funny right before bed. The up side is that I feel thoroughly compelled to brush my teeth before bed every night which has to be good.

After lab review last night I'm in a dead flat panic about the practical. I know I have LOTS of wiggle room but I want an A in this class. I am also mildly paniced because our teacher has lost people's work before and I asked to see my grade thus far last night and she wouldn't show me. Unacceptable. So I've got to learn muscles in a week. No more fucking around.

Off to run several errands before leaving town!! Whee.


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May. 11th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
Right now I'm feeling like it makes me bite down even harder in my sleep.
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