keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

welcome, friday!

I am registered for not only summer but fall!!! PGCC has vastly improved registration online since last semester.

This one class at a time thing chafes! I get so excited. Even while being totally sick of A&P taking up all my time. (Which it will do in the fall again, since A&PII is what I'm taking.) I'm even excited about the fact that my class this summer is online and thus I can sit on my couch and do it.

I have two more finals, essentially. One in a week (the hard one) and one in a week and a half (the totally cumulative one). Did I plan for this in my social plans? No. I am going to Atlantic City to see The Musical Box tomorrow and I have book club on monday. Oh well, there will be car studying and hotel room studying. Oh and tonight I am supposed to RUN down into DC after cutting up an eyeball and see Crowded House. Doors are at 7. Class will hopefully be over by 8 or 8:30. Do you think I'll even catch the encore? I am skeptical. I can't miss a second of class because we'll be doing the review for the BIG NASTY EXAM.

Any tricks for remembering the cranial nerves are welcome.

Oh and I am sad about Top Chef.
Any advice about where to find things narrated by kiwis (tv, audiobooks, podcasts!) so I can get my fix of kiwi accents welcome. :( Anyone who has known me for a long time, since I was on the market, knows that I find curly hair on dudes to be kind of a turn-off. (I think this is sourced out of some childhood hatred for the Greatest American Hero.) Mark was the exception!
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