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Friday: Lab prof rattled off a bunch of stuff about special senses & the eye which I totally did not absorb and will have to teach myself.
Went home and did the TV thing.

Saturday: Loooong day starting with cat waking me up (again) 2 hours early with the face-claw. Got up, practised drums, made breakfast, went to my lesson. Lesson was *excellent* because he gave me a drill that will hopefully help with my speed. He really de-emphasizes speed as part of his teaching but somehow I put it to him, finally after 2 years, that I want to improve this. After that I caught up with oontzgrrl after a far too long hiatus and we talked at length about mental health, the medical professions, and other favorite topics. It's nice to have someone who gets you. Got home late and loafed a bit before heading out to ceciskittle's birthday shindig. Where I cast off my crankiness about rock band and proceeded to let that take over my night - mostly vocals. But I think a good time was had by all and as a sign of that we didn't get out of there until like 4am. Highly unusual!

Sunday: Did a whole pile of sweet, sweet nothing. I tried to sit down and study literally 20 times but could not focus well. In trade for Jack doing laundry and cooking chili, I went grocery shopping. I actually loooove grocery shopping once I can be convinced to get pants on and leave the house. We desperately need to clean out our freezer and fridge and start anew. We watched way too much TV and

TV Stuff:

Yikes - this is a lot of TV. I slacked more than I thought over the past week.

Moonlight was awesome, in that enjoyably awful way that genre television can provide. I don't understand how Alex O'Loughlin can be so straight-faced in interviews about his dedication to this show, except that I can, because I love it. At one point midway through I may have made an actual "squee" noise and said something like "Get out the photoshop! Livejournal icons are go! Commence slash!" I only had a few "real" issues with the writing.
1) I know the dialogue is going to be cheesy, but really? I know at least 15 people who aren't professional writers who could improve the dialogue on this show 150%.
2) The director or whoever needs to learn how to light a love scene.
3) I cannot imagine any reason why anyone would walk away from a hot kiss like that. Does she have lots of important laundry to do? I am not buying the "judicious restraint" thing. What you just showed us (very poorly lit though it may have been) on screen was not something anyone ever walks away from without at least going to 3rd base. Then you can be all "oh noes, we must wait until you're sure!".

The triumphal Grey's Anatomy return was about 80% good, which is a good rebound from the 40% it had dropped to before the strike. They remembered that sometimes the crazy crap that happens in a hospital is enough drama, really. I am truly sick of Izzie getting away with ridiculous crap she'd be fired for. I am also convinced now that they are taking George in a very good, very human direction. Plus, Clea Duvall AND Amy Madigan. Carnivale-tastic!

I think we are the only people watching Beauty & the Geek so I guess I can keep my thoughts on that to myself. it's been a bumpy ride this season and I'm trying not to be disappointed. The post-show makeover for whatsisface was a nice dramatic move, though. Hawt.

Andrew Lloyd Webber week on Idol was a dud. You all know that by now. Jason Castro should be ashamed of himself, and I say that as a fan. Have I mentioned that I can't stand Phantom? Well now you know. We're heading out of the sweet spot and into the painful spot... directly towards the time when the contestants sing two songs a night, ugh. Particularly if Archuleta sticks around. And I hate to admit it but the loss of Carly makes the whole thing far less interesting. I have no opinion right now on the whole idea that the integrity of the show is compromised by allowing contestants that have already had record deals. I just want the show to entertain me. In somewhat-related news last week some guys sang Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House on Britain's Got Talent and it was sweet.

My Name is Earl is about 50/50 right now. Some is still bitingly funny but the whole "coma world" stuff is just... not funny and drab and awful. I am pretty much a fair weather fan of this show anyways so I hardly watch it unless I really need to zone out. It's time to get back to the formula?

How I Met Your Mother kicked ass this week with the high point being Sandcastles in the Sand. I, like just aboot everyone else, was eagerly awaiting more Robin Sparkles.

Top Chef is brutal this season! There is a whole bunch of talent happening. Obviously I am rooting for Mark but that's going to get harder because he's clearly not up to the task based on his performance so far and it's a miracle he hasn't been eliminated. But his voice! And his bathtub antics! When I saw that he was paired with Nikki this week I thought he was doomed but they pulled it out! Richard and Dale are going to be tough if not impossible to beat. Unlike some other cooking shows, on this show I find that they almost never make something I wouldn't eat. Too bad Jack hates watching it so I have to wait until he's not around.

I tried to watch Miss Rap Supreme. Which was a mistake. I was excited about a show featuring female MCs. But it gave them all the respect you would expect based on the number of successful female rappers you can name off the top of your head. What is it that fuels my continued optimism? I dunno.
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