keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

The very definition of doozy...

This morning the alarm woke me up in the middle of what is surely the most strange dream I've had in years. Which I must now of course disclose.

I was staying in/captive in some kind of Colonial American Inn. When I was first inside the room, it looked like a normal hotel room, and I was changing out of some daisy duke shorts (?!?) into something more appropriate because my friends were coming to pick me up/liberate me. When they arrived, it was falkonne and some other people I know. F. had a special grappling hook and rope to help me escape that would allow us to go through the ceiling like ghosts to the first floor.

At this point we realized we couldn't leave the normal way, and I tried to go towards the kitchen. The building was more clearly some kind of all-wood structure probably informed by the aesthetics of certain locales in World of Warcraft. I looked around the corner into the dining room area and that is when I saw that Darth Vader was there, so we would clearly have to leave some other way.

I found a window to open and escape through, but when we got out front we had to fight some guards in military (colonial era) outfits. At which point everything went into fast forward and the fight was very suddenly over and the guards were all laying on the ground exsanguinated and our "boss" was there lecturing us about the masquerade and I realized we were vampires.

But that's not all! Then I learned that this was a sting operation and these colonial people were trying to horn in on the vampires' cocaine smuggling business and we were actually stealing back all the cocaine and some other vampire said "Martha Washington over here swallowed two of the bags before I could get them."

And that is about when I woke up.
Tags: dream
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