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sweet, a busy night

i am happy to report that tonight has been too busy to give a proper update. i really like it when work is like this. shockingly. or maybe it's the other way around, i was in a good mood so work being like this didn't bother me. haven't had time to play with my PDA. woke up incredibly late yesterday which meant i didn't go to either social engagement. i even got here too late to get a quarter pounder with cheese. i hadn't eaten in 24 hours. :( anyways, now my weekend is starting.

long term goals still not feeling any accomplishment... day to day...

oh, and i wore a skirt tonight. it's cute and all but i remember that i hate wearing skirts because i like being able to spread my legs. WAIT THAT CAME OUT ALL WRONG. but seriously, you have to sit all ladylike in a skirt, particularly a short one. bleh.
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