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Career Planning

Originally I said I would take it slow, and not take any classes this summer. In part, it's like, why not save the $500 or so. In part it's that I am not in a HUGE rush to get into nursing school because when I do make that transition, I will have to make a decision about going full time, and that is kind of a nightmare from several perspectives. (Those being that I started my perfectly good job 6 months ago and I don't want to leave it, that it would make us financially uncomfortable during the 2 years for the degree, and well, that last one is a whole thing in itself.) In another part, A&P has been lots of work and I will want a break where I can sit on my thumbs and play World of Warcraft and put drum practice at a higher priority and generally sloth it up. Or work out, or play softball, whatever.

Then I got the summer course catalog from PGCC and looked at it. I was just going to glance at it and toss it in the trash, knowing my plan to slack and bide my time. But then I somehow was getting out the hiliter and marking all the classes I could take. (And taking a trip down memory lane to a time when doing this filled me with hope and eagerness and complete for-granted-taking of the cost being absorbed by loans.) What are the advantages? More good grades (in theory) to help my sad GPA from my previous college experience. Obviously, learning more is good. Looking better on an app to nursing school just by having more courses under my belt, as currently nothing else I'm doing is getting me experience in a medical field. Being ready to apply sooner.

Disadvanatages? Being less focused at work, being out that $500 or so bucks in the immediate future, less time for social life and slacking. The thought of course is that there will be time for all those things when I'm done with nursing school but in a way that's a lie because a) I still make time for those things and b) what if I go get a BSN to MSN or something like that?

So I realized, hey, I should talk to an academic advisor. Or, I could ask my friends list!

Anatomy & Physiology II

OK here is the deal. I could take this immediately, or I could take it next fall. If I take it immediately, which wasn't even an option in my head, it would mean that for 8 weeks this summer I would get off of work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday, and go to class for 3.5 hours. On the surface, this sounds crazy. I would have no life. But the optimist (and apparently the drill sergeant) in me says... what's 8 weeks? How hard could it be? What are you, some kind of wimp? Lots of people have to work two jobs to survive in this world and you're crying about 8 weeks of work that you supposedly like?

Yeah, I probably won't do it.

Medical Terminology

OK so this is actually for people who are going into like, medical assisting and stuff. But it couldn't hurt right? It's completely applicable? And bonus, it's an online course, so no driving anywhere. Could even be an easy A. It is 4 credits though so who knows.

Introduction to Nutrition

Well, who doesn't want to know real facts about nurtition. It's a berjillion dollar industry. And applicable to the major. I have three options of how to take it; two classroom options in Laurel (4 hours 2 days a week or 2 hours 4 days a week) or an online option. And it's probably easy? ish?

Biomedical Ethics

I've never taken a philosophy course before in my life. Maybe it would be stupid to start with this one. It may have intro to philosophy as a pre-req anyways. Advantage: it meets for exactly 3 weekends (in Laurel and not Largo!) making it a quick one to knock out.

Abnormal Psychology

I guess if I have a goal of psych nursing, this would be good. And fun, I reckon. Also a 3-weekender, but in Largo. Haven't taken a psych class in a decade but so?

Introduction to Social Work

I think this would be interesting as I still kind of wish I could be a social worker. Bonus: all online. Seriously? You can teach someone about working socially online?

So what do you think, peanut gallery?

What class should I take this summer?

A&P II because you are hardcore.
Medical Terminology
Intro to Nutrition
Biomedical Ethics because I want to laugh at your lack of philosophical knowledge.
Abnormal Psychology
Introduction to Social Work
Nothing! Enjoy the summer! Level your rogue!
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