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A while back someone posted on the Genesis forums a question about what albums are good from start to finish, that do not have a bad song on them, that you'd happily listen to from beginning to end. Then today wasabi_poptart asked basically the same question, and I was like, wait! I need more data on this! The Genesis forum people are a little... biased, I'd say, in favor of certain genres. I expect better of my friends' list though, so please fill out a little poll with the albums you think are classics, virtually without a dud on them, your favorites.

(I am a nerd and have a list of more than five, and if you are like me, feel free to expand in comments.)

Poll #1164085 Albums with a Perfect 10 (In no particular order)



Apr. 2nd, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
Re: because i know you totally asked my opinion
I don't think you're a pooper! I can definitely see that with the Magnetic Fields, though it is brilliant. I's one of those weird things where, on their own, some of the song might be skippable (like on a mix), but as the unit of the album, you gotta hear them together.