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Finally Vaguely Alive Again

I think I may have survived the plague of March, but I don't want to count those chickens before they hatch... I am scared it will come back.


(Click through to see all the egg-dyeing action.)
Last Saturday I hosted this year's egg dyeing event, which would have gone better had I not been Typhoid Kim. We got some really great looking eggs out of it though!! And thanks to my friends for putting up with my sick ass.

After that day everything was kind of a blur until I had the lecture exam Wednesday, which was still kind of a blur, and then went back to work... no that was all a blur as well. I really haven't felt OK until today. Which is why all of my blogging urges went to Twitter. Which I like more and more all the time! Friday I went to lab and found out a) just how many muscles there are and b) that I did in fact ace the practical. My classmates embarrassed me a bunch and I still don't know how to handle it.

Saturday I went to my drum lesson (I'd barely practiced due to the fact that a) I am in the middle of reorganizing the house and the new drum kit and its new home and that is a whole other post and b) the aforementioned plague. So I bullshitted a bunch with the brushes and swelled with self-loathing. The pride to self-loathing rollercoaster has been in full operation 24-7 in my house, let me tell you. I then packed up all my tissues and cough drops and hit the road to Glenside, PA to meet up with 20-something crazy Genesis fans.

I loves me my Genesis fans. This experience was no exception as everyone geeked out and loved on my tattoo (except when they were demanding that I include this thing or not include that thing, which recieved polite nodding and smiling from me). We ate at Plush and frankly I don't know why because last time they treated us like crap and give us the hairy eyeball and this time was no different. The food was good but not good enough to warrant them being weird at us. I think they just have an inflated view of their importance as a fancy-ass bar. Nevertheless, we had a great time and Wilson and his wife brought more weird gifts (it involved a towel and ... pictures of sperms with little Phil Collins heads. yeah.) and I met even more awesome nice people and yeah.

Then there was the SHOW. There was in initial surprise in the form of an opening act - Ronnie Caryl - and that was nice. Then the main event... Oh my god - it was bliss! I was kind of ambivalent about the later material and the fact that Martin would not be behind the drum kit the whole time but I was totally blown away in the end. I hope someone on the forums posts the setlist because I want to try to piece back together my fantastic memories of things. Several things came together to make the show really stunning. Martin Levac, of course, is a showman and artist, and terrific singer and drummer, and to our great favor happens to sound and look like PC. But while obviously that is the point of this show, I'd go see him drum & sing the phone book. And I don't say this to slight in any way his fantastic band, because wow. Wow. I was sitting front row on the guitar/bass side and those guys were flat oodles of fun to watch. They were obviously having a good time and it was catching. The "Chester Thompson" of the crew was excellent too. The whole band were consummate professionals - at one point the keyboard player had a failure in the ARP Pro-Soloist, in the middle of "In The Cage"... everyone covered and communicated well and the show went on. And the final ingredient (apart from the music itself, of course, props to the composers ;)) was the audience. Really good form, really good energy, polite, and hella enthusiastic. The band kept looking out into the audience with obvious stark disbelief on their faces that we were so happy and so expressive. Jean-Pierre looked right at me at the end and gave me a thumbs up. Well, I do my part.

I was toast after all the smoke machines and stuff so I didn't try very hard to hang out with the band, and Tara and Chris had to go early, so we headed right back to their place and crashed, I got a terrific night's sleep and immediately ran back home to get to my week-neglected to-do list. Ha. I will say that I had yet another bad Guitar Center experience and I will be buying a bass pedal online thankyouverymuch and blah blah self-loathing due to crazy-good drummers all over the joint.

And now another week! I have plenty more words in me, ya'll, but I will save them for another day. Hometime!
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