keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I like breathing, thanks.

No strep, no pneumonia, no flu. I just have a plain old regular cold. But it's kicking my ass so many ways I lost count. The doc at the patient first gave me an inhaler for the second cold in a row and I just tried it for the first time.

I never want to do that again, if possible. I am shaking and nervous and I don't feel like my lungs relaxed at all. After I breathed crappily into the breathy-tube for like the first time, he was like, "Are you SURE you don't have asthma???"

Anyways I didn't work today and I won't be working tomorrow, I have a note and everything. I guess that could be considered an up side but at the moment I'd rather be healthy and working.

EDIT: I am sincerely and thoroughly sorry to anyone I exposed this weekend. For those before I knew: humble sorries and for those after I knew: MASSIVE IDIOT sorries. I am stupid.
Tags: health
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