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Slippery Slope

Here's the problem.

You, by some dumb luck, get to buy the very drum kit you have been dreaming about. Not just the brand or type, the exact drum kit that you tried that made you want this particular style drum kit. Great!

Then you get it home, and it makes all your accessories look... shabby. Cheap. Amateurish. Wow, this snare stand is a piece of crap. These cymbals sound tinny and awful. This pedal... well I should certainly sell it with my old drum kit, to be fair.

This is how "a great and lucky deal" turns into "oops I spent the same amount I just spent on the kit on extra stuff".

Truth of the matter is I'm just going to get a new pedal. And a snare stand. If they're on sale. But definitely a pedal. At least.
Tags: drums, stuff
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