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National Politics: Time and Tide?

In a comment-response on Greg Laden's ScienceBlog post, ponderingfool said the following:

Ralph and his supporters should take a page out of the Religious Right playbook. The Religious Right is a powerful part of the Republican party because they work INSIDE the system. By working outside of the system, Ralph marginalizes himself and his supporters. They will always be a voice outside. If they worked within the party system, then they could have some influence.

Of course how did they become so powerful in the Republican Party? Because they ran 3rd Party Candidates. (Wallace in '68 for example and before him Thermond in '48). Wallace's run encouraged Nixon to undertake the Southern Strategy to attract what we now know as the Christian Right. Why do you think all those Republican candidates went on down to give speeches at Bob Jones University? This of course moved the Republican Party to the right socially. The Democrats also slowly began to move to fill the void left by the GOP as they moved to the right. Hence the DLC was born. This nation has moved to the right because of it.

The progressive/socialist runs of the first half of the 20th century opened debates that would not have happened otherwise, moving the US to the left. The work within a party only works when you have an "other" to play against. Neither Obama nor Clinton is a progressive. They are centrists (I would say slightly right of center). Do Republicans blame Libertarians when they lose? How many registered Democrats voted for Bush? Democrats need to stop whining and show some leadership. This nation needs more than a token opposition party.

What of it smarties? Does anyone out there have a counterpoint? Is this an accurate analysis of the rightward swing of national politics? Why is it so hard for extreme progressives to move the Democrats, which of course is the question of the decade anyways?
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