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My weekend was great, although my brain is still mush. This despite class having been canceled for no good reason on Friday! I caught up on Project Runway instead on Friday and read some. I've been making more time to read and it feels great, largely due to finding a book worth curling up with. Saturday morning went as normal except that I was really tired due to being up half the night with stomach complaints. That is what I get for eating Popeye's, frankly. Had my drum lesson, shamefacedly admitted to not really practicing enough, and the main takeaway was that I need to even out my rolls (I should put that in quotes since I play them so slowly they can hardly be called rolls) - hope to accomplish this with accenting trick.

Then we had game! I have learned that at the table, and this should be no news to me, I need a good 45 minutes of warm-up before I can get really into character or anything. This is interesting given drivingblind's style being very geared toward shock-to-the-system sort of in medias res openings. If I think back to the old days of LARPing, I was the same way then - I had to be around people already being fluidly in character to make the context switch. (Also, as relates to work, I think I may strike the next person who utters the phrase "context switch", even if it is me.) I have learned that I have a role in the party: it is Unintended Sardonic One-Liner Delivery. Oh, and take many blows, although thankfully and miraculously that did not come into play in this session. I'll shut up now - because I know no one likes it when you talk about your character. :) I will say a little bit about the Fate style mechanic though. Please note that I am not a game writer, designer, frequent player. I am almost someone you might just take off the street and say "we've replaced your coffee with Folgers role playing system, what do you think?" So anything I say comes from a place of total ignorance of any "trends" or "history" or whatever about gaming mechanics. Okay anyways... I noticed that despite rolling complete shite almost universally all session, somehow we still handled the whole situation and had great moments of triumph and the only negatives were ones we delivered to ourselves. Honestly, it felt like playing Monopoly with a stack of Chance that are all "Get Out of Jail Free" cards. It felt a little bit like I was cheating. Are the Fate points too numerous, I asked myself? Well, I think the key is in my brain: I'm stuck to much outside of a "just tell a story" mindset (ironically the kind of gaming I most like) and am stuck IN a mindset of "I am playing to win and my enemy is the GM". The fate points delivered us a chance to tell the story OUR way - something I hadn't experienced much in some of the other games I have played. I mean, come on - let us admit that the bulk of my RP experience is in White Wolf - the Storyteller is called that because it's their job to tell the story. So, in short (too late) it is great and challenging to be tasked in this weird mechanical way to shape events and settings. Oh, one other thing I learned: I cannot get by on words. I need visuals. Plz draw me maps kthxbye.

Post game I went to REI to pick up some shoes I had ordered online, and had one of those moments where I had to question whether the world was aligning for me or if carefully crafted retail experiences were happening to me. Their music mix that day sounded just like they had pulled it out of my ipod when I walked in the store. They played Peter Gabriel and Split Enz and several other things I love - do they just know their demographic and I happen to be it or what? They have piles of exactly the kind of clothes, bags, and shoes (not really the outdoor gear, but the kind of stuff that outdoorsy people wear when forced to be indoors) that I want to buy. My shoes were too small but I walked out with (thanks to incredibly helpful salespeople!!) a $125 running jacket marked down to $20 and a $30 sports bra marked down to $10. Oh, and a freaking membership, because they put shopping rohipnol in the vents.

Then I went home and made Jack start up yet more new WoW characters because I wanted to see the Dranei content.

Sunday I got more coloration on the sleeve done! So it looks real now!!! EEEE!!!


TV highlights from the weekend:
- SNL - Annuale Commercial - DO NOT MISS
- And on The Soup, we were SLAIN by the clip from the Dutch Oven camp cooking show. SLAIN. So watch The Soup anytime before friday for that one.
- Project Runway: Hate Christian with a burning passion. How on earth he won viewer's whatever I do not know. All his outfits look the same: high collars and poufy sleeves. YAWN.

Antiquers! This weekend is the next DC Big Flea! I plan to meet up with my parents there saturday and browse.
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