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OK, let's try that again. I welcome Tuesday with open arms.

So only two of you many fine friends can imagine coming up with enough country songs to fill a mix cd? I know I have more country fans, surreptitious or proud, on my flist than that!

This review of the Matrix Energy drink cracked me up.

This weekend was busy, and great! Well, with a setback here or there.

Friday: First lab. She took an hour talking about the syllabus, an hour and a half on slides which fortunately covered some of the same ground as lecture, and then at 8:30, with a mere 30 minutes to go, indicated that we would be dissecting rats. What? Seriously? We basically did what took 2 weeks in 101 and crammed it into a half hour. So, that's intimidating. I also learned about The thing that miffs me slightly about this method of fraud prevention is that apparently the first person to turn in whatever paper is took much like another paper is seen as the non-cheater by default. So if I wrote a paper, helped someone else write their paper such that it looked more than 20% like mine, but they turned it in first, I would appear to be the cheater. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and will try to write... different?

Saturday: Had drum lesson. It feels great to go to my lesson knowing I practiced every day! Then I came home and we drove to philly to see angela_la_la and spend time with her before... her awesome chili cook-off!!! At which I ate the best chili I am pretty sure I have ever had. Yeah, I was planning to have another chili cook-off someday but now I am just done! I kid. If I find out the recipe I will make some for you. (It involved both chocolate and bacon, natch.) The party end of things was fun too, and I even warmed up and talked to some new people even though everyone seems so much cooler than me at these things. Actually, what helped is the tats. People asked about them, conversations started. Yay. It was also nice to hang with squeegibo some for the first time in a while! Then as we got a mere 10 minutes out of town, Jack's check engine light came on. We decided to drive it home anyways because Jack has had this happen before when nothing was wrong. It's at the shop now... I guess we'll find out if we killed it. Shit, man, it was midnight on saturday. What the hell were we going to do exactly?

Sunday: Woke up with just enough time to gather snackage before heading over to drivingblind's for the first real session of his game, which now has a title: Faith, Faces, and Fingerprints. I was a mess! I'm like, the bush league of roleplaying and here are the pros. I did manage to generate a few chuckles as I felt out how to play my character in a way that didn't feel like it was drawn with one of those extra-big crayons. But there was a whole lot of deer-in-headlights prior to that. By the time we were done 6 hours later I felt wore out, drained. Oh - and there had been yet more chili. :) I got home and took in some warcraft action before passing out unceremoniously and sleeping for ten hours.

Which brings you to where I was yesterday, with the accidental sleeping in.
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