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i know what i want in a PDA!!!

i want tiny, cute animals to remind me when i have to do things. that is what i want. now... where can i get it?

i just found out i overlooked something possibly crucial tonight. then i acted like a jerk because i was angry with myself. way to be professional!! i apologized.

god bless the internet. i downloaded an mp3 that i *thought* was hootie and the blowfish, and was actually lifehouse. so, i loved this song, and all i had to do to find out what it was was type the lyrics into google. then i just went and found a really cheap used copy of the cd to buy, and voila. i am excited because on the site it compares them to Crowded House. plus, this song is so good. i know people probably think it's pop garbage, but well... maybe it's intelligent pop garbage??
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