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Oops. Long. Covers: Food, Watches, Bags, Movie, Warcraft, Cat.

I had a pretty good weekend, despite the fact that I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I know the various reasons for this: me being lazy, feelings of inadequacy at work. It all comes down to that.

So friday I was totally selfish and showed up late to dinner with an excuse of manicure going over its alotted time. I feel so much better, however, now that the claws have been removed. I was starting to get a little Howard Hughes-ey there. Dinner, by the way, was a lovely event with people I get to see far too little of. I can't remember if I've been to a Cuban restaurant before but everything we had was very yummy. (Specifically we went to Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville.)

When we got home, we played WoW.

Saturday I did a bunch of driving. First to drum lesson (new assignment: White Wedding!!!) then out to Leesburg to exchange my christmas present. So I finally after months of desiring have a fancy new watch. It's the basic Seiko Coutura and it was marked down to like half price because of some minor cosmetic blemish or other. Bah! It works great. No, it's not a perpetual motion one but come to find out they don't even make those in ladies' anymore because ladies apparently won't wear a watch that big. "Friggin' ladies", I believe, were my exact words to the salesperson.

I got back in time from the wilds of outletty Virginia to play some WoW, and then attend a showing of Juno at the greenbelt theater. Yes, it was as good as everyone said. Periodically it walked up to the "Too Twee" line and poked its nose over, but then sauntered back away to less annoying ground. Lots of belly laughs, however, and lots of J.K. Simmons. Sweet. After this we hit the diner.

When we got home, we played WoW.

Sunday I got up and managed to convince my butt to put in some laundry. I got ready and was just in time for my Buddhist anger management class. It was a much bigger crowd this time but the same adorable soft-spoken teacher taught the first part of the thing. By about halfway through, I was despairing as to whether there was any hope for me to let go, but by the end I had managed some helpful thoughts for eliminating bad mental habits. There was a helpful image early on about how going through life angry, rejecting all the things that happen that you cannot control is like driving with the emergency brake on. You have that moment where you ask yourself, "why is driving so hard?" before you release the brake. That is exactly what being angry is like, only we forget sometimes that we actually do have our hand on the brake lever. Next session is anxiety, in April, and BOY HOWDY do I look forward to that.

When I got home, we played even more WoW, and if you can't tell I'm in a full on addiction phase by now, you are not paying attention. I honestly can't tell anymore if I am doing it out of enjoyment or if I am doing it to hide from other obligations to myself like cleaning house or being responsible. Surely, a little/lot of both. But I can't deny that now that our WoW loneliness has been cured, it makes the whole thing about a million times more fun. We started alts with madamjolie and tompainesghost and it's just like the old days! Except I'm playing a rogue which, while not entirely new territory (oh hai cat form), is still vastly different in the not-having-a-mana-bar way. In the meantime Pippye is approaching 65 and I can tell, just like 55-60, that the second stretch is going to be looooooooooong.

Earlier this week I made the transition from my Timbuk 2 bag to my new and very beloved and fresh and happy Sherpani Vida. I sort of not really documented how everything fits in here and here and display how it looks on here and despair for its gross marketing here. So far you could consider its only downside to be the total ineffectuality of the drawstring, except that it has a flap and is no less secure than my T2 bag so I don't care. The lining inside is light and makes things easy to find, it makes all my heavy crap sit better on my shoulders, and it has 4 little external pockets for my 4 essentials: phone, ipod, camera, wallet. And the magnets make it so it doesn't stick to all other fabrics like velcro.

Remember when I used to do frozen meal reviews? Well here's another one:

I ate this: Amy'sI ate this: Amy's

Amy's Bowls Pesto Tortellini was actually quite tasty and probably no good for you. It didn't look colorless and unappealing before cooking, and it looks just about like it should after. There was no dearth of filling to the tortellini. I guess it would be hard to mess up tortellini and pesto sauce, but you can't be sure with the frozen foods industry. For 430 calories and 3 bucks, it's not a bad buy even for the health conscious and it filled me right up. It even had a reasonable amount of fiber. Another upshot of this review: now that I know there is such a thing as the heateatreview and that it has already covered the ground I care about, maybe I won't bother with this again!

And here is your obligatory cat picture:

Hero Close 3

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