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Haven't updated in a week. What can I say? Not much going on.

After many years of being a snotty bitch about gaming, I dipped my toes back into tabletop with the all-girl Arcana game. This weekend I enjoyed the first session of a new fantasy game run by drivingblind which was a sprawling 6 hour world-building exercise with a little character creation tossed in at the end (or that's how it felt) and it was good. This game has several things going for it: experienced players (except for me), like-mindedness about play style (to some useful extent), and a design which allows the players to contribute to the world-building. This is quite terrific; it avoids the lecturey part of getting started and everyone is able to be more on the same page. Since it won't be a weekly event, I won't feel so pressured about it. Although if I could build a new world every week, that would be OK, since that was super fun. In fact, if you were an aspiring genre writer, the recorded session would be like gold. :)

After that, though, I got a searing headache which followed me through much of the holiday weekend. Combine that with my natural tendency to laziness and the most useful thing I did this weekend was laundry. Jack and I did go to lunch yesterday and discuss a bunch of things we should do around the house... and then sort of stared at everything in the Lowe's for a while. I stared at Corian countertops. Alot. I confess I'd like to modernize our range/oven and dishwasher although the ones we have work just fine. NONE of this activity got the house any cleaner, which is really what it needs.

When I got tired of Lowe's and Jack was still searching for things, I walked over to Staples. Oh, office/school supplies!! My stated goal was to find a notebook for class which starts in just over a week. I neatly filled a 1-subject college-ruled notebook for BIO 101, and was hoping to find another compact sturdy notebook for this. Since notebooks are all about fashion or economy, this was actually kind of a pain. But apart from my needed notebook, I managed to snag several pens prompted by my post the other day. Due to everyone's fervent adoration of the Pilot Precise v5, I purchased a whole rainbow of those, which I will mail to someone if I hate them. I re-discovered the Varsity disposable fountain pen, and picked up some Parker gel refills for my Jotter. Now I just need some momentous writing tasks. :)

Last night we had the peril_book_club meeting. We all loved the book, which made it less a book discussion and more a social call, but that's OK. Next up... well if you want to know you're probably already in the community!

The only thing on my list of life goals for 2008 I'm doing a good job with is the drumming. Which is the number one thing, so fine!
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