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I spent the morning using my workout mix to help me clean. I technically didn't get to the actual "cleaning" part, but I did get rid of about 8 tons of trash, so I count it as a win. I also got to jump up and down on a pile of excess bubble wrap for a good ten minutes singing "NUMA NUMA YAY".

I wanted to send forth a music recommendation to all you Camper Van Beethoven, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Iron & Wine fans out there: The Sadies. They share a label with Neil Finn's son Liam, who also by the way is releasing a new album that will rock your socks this year. Anyways, their album is a nice quiet respite of very mild weirdness. You can get it through emusic for a very fair price. If you just want to get a track and see, "Anna Leigh" and "The Trial" are good.

There. Enough with the plugging.

While in the car thinking about posting this, I realized that I need very badly to recalibrate all my iTunes ratings.

See, right now I have a schema that works like so:

1 - Pure hate and scorn.
2 - Milk distaste or shame, like a really bad pop song that I am being a completist about, or something I just don't hate as bad as a 1.
3 - I like it. It is solid and listenable.
4 - Great song! Wheee!! Or I just like it! Or something! Or it is part of an album I consider classic.
5 - Really good to perfection, depending on my mood when I rated things.

You can see that things get a little vague when you get into the liking stages. Tons of things are rated 5 despite being not perfect. The line between three and four is blurry and confusing and arbitrary. Since I base many playlists on ratings, this makes for some confusion: "This isn't a five star song! What the fuck I only wanted to listen to THE BEST!" Yet I feel guilty giving anything by Genesis less than a five. Signing up on goodreads opened my mind to a less symmetrical scale, where there is only one spot for dislike and four levels of like. Let's face it - who cares how much you dislike something in this context? So now I'd like to recalibrate to:

1 - All kinds of dislike. Includes "bad song I feel I must own anyways".
2 - Lacks active dislike but barely notches any active liking.
3 - A fine song. Contains something I can tell you is good about it.
4 - Above and beyond. Skill, good beats, moving lyrics, extremely fond nostalgia, makes me actively happy.

This frees things up a little and makes it so that the scale is more evenly distributed. I can acknowledge that there are some really really good songs that aren't the best songs. Of course, whenever I get a few days off that I feel I can devote to this project I'll get right on that... :(
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