keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Weird iTunes Issue

So I have this subset of music that I get from emusic. I'd like to have a playlist that just plays that stuff so I can make sure I'm exposing myself to all the music I decide to try that I've paid for. The thing is, the only distinguishing feature of this music is that it's all kept in an emusic subdirectory. iTunes does not let you see the file path within the application and thus I can't make a smart playlist based on that.

So Jack recommended that I go into Windows Media player where I *can* see the file path, and then edit some other tag like "Comment" or something to say "From Emusic". Then in theory iTunes would pick up that new information and I could sort and make playlists based on it.

Only iTunes totally doesn't seem to pick up that info, either because it doesn't re-check or sync the tags, or because it doesn't recognize what I did in WMP, or whatever.

Does anyone know a trick that would let me do what I need to do?? Thanks!
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