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I love these tools a whole bunch, so I'm going to repeat myself.

Join Goodreads and share what you're reading with me. I really enjoy opening up this tab in the morning and just seeing who's added what, or reviewed something. Getting reviews from my friends is way more fun than just reading some random amazon pundit's reviews!

While I'm at it, I noted previously that you could watch the RSS feed of my twitter on your friends list. But you should still go to twitter and make your own and we can follow each other because I actually really enjoy my friends' stream of consciousness too.

I know, it's probably not most of y'all's bag. And people get indignant about more things to log into! But in case you missed it the first time and you're like me, here is fun!

Apart from keeping up with practicing drumming and flossing my teeth and washing my face before bed and actually checking my bank account every day (and leveling Pippye again on Cenarion Circle), I have nothing else to report. Starting to wonder about the band, though, haven't heard from Chach at all!

Oh! Later this month I'm going to go back for another Buddhist meditation workshop, this one regarding anger.
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