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good morning.

i just read the best phrase in the book club book: "social nosegay". teehee! that's what i want to create, i just don't have a house to create it in. someday.

i need to remember not to give the world a hard time. i also need to remember some of the things i've learned over time, particularly over the ages of 18-22. i need to relearn those things in order to be able to impart them to other people who might be experiencing similar things. and, well, for myself of course. i have this overpowering knowledge that people who love themselves and treat themselves well will always have someone to love them and treat them well. i was thinking about it on the drive to work.

i missed lamp-making today because i didn't manage to wake up. i am unhappy about that, and hope my friends are understanding. my friends often have to be understanding about me not being places i'm supposed to be, it's really unfortunate. i also should have called my parents today and didn't get around to it. you know, just to catch up. so my only social engagements today were over the phone, i chatted with telf about her visit from her boyfriend, and with vexed about why people do the things they do. then i made some dinner and caught most of the horrifying phenomenon of "Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska". what a bizarre little courtship-ritual accelerator. as it turns out, the salad dressing i made is too sweet somehow. i can only guess that the vinegar isn't vinegary enough.

i didn't dream. how plain.
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