keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Survey: Reading

When do you read?

When do you listen to audiobooks?

When do you listen to podcasts?

My answer: I used to read on lunch breaks and before bed. Now since I have convenient and cheap lunch break locale with friends, I tend not to do that. (dear friends: I do not resent this! just stating a fact.) Since I got the Nintendo DS, I often fire that up before bed instead of reading. Which leaves me with: I read WAY TOO LITTLE now. Ironically, I carry a book with me everywhere I go, always. I guess for exercise?*

As for audiobooks, obviously those and podcasts are relegated to the commute. I never listen to that stuff at a time when I am not in the car, and then they are fighting with my desire to listen to music, or the fact that I carpool with tzel so we tend to chat about our day.

On the weekends I think I tend to be busy (that was the story in 2007 anyways) or play video games or watch TV. I think this is where I could really benefit from doing more reading! I somehow can't see myself sitting around listening to audiobooks or podcasts at home, though. Unless I was working on a craft project. Which begs the question, of course, why do I always have to be doing more than one thing?

So I wonder. How do these things fit into my friends' lives?

* Actually it's because I am terrified of being stranded in an elevator or by the side of the road without something to do.
Tags: books, survey
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