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Scholastic Book Fairs

OK, who has memories of the Scholastic book fair? Did it come to your school? What did you pick out?

I remember they sold sticker books, which I would always pick out... and I indelibly recall the edition of Call of the Wild I chose one year which I read approximately 3746287364 times. I hope that it is in my parents' attic and has not been eaten by silverfish.

EDIT: Baylake Pines. OH the MEMORIES! Holy shit... Mrs. Columbus still teaches first grade. Her husband's name was... wait for it... Christopher!


Dec. 31st, 2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
I do, I do! Some of the happiest days of my elementary school life were when the books would come in. I liked to order the silly posters too.
Dec. 31st, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
OH YEAH! I forgot about the silly posters!!!