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Quick Sweeney Todd Review

- credit sequence
+ Johnny Depp can sing
- but they had to transpose everything up an octave, which loses the impact of the basso
- don't even get me started about H B-C
+ kid who played Toby ruled
+ scenes that were cut made sense
+ thus the plot held together nicely
- Burtonized, it's too straight-up gothy
+ creepiness of judge well established
+ orchestral score preserved excellently
- no sharp terrifying whistle
+ i still laughed out loud at "A Little Priest"
- too many close-ups and scenes of people's reflection in a knife and blurry faces
- no "Parlor Songs"
+ the dialog that was added fit right in and was hilarious
- no seriously, Helena was miscast
+ "By the Sea"

So that's 9+ and 8-, overall a win.

Overall worth seeing but PLEASE if you like it, rent this version from Netflix and see Mrs. Lovett as I think she was meant to be portrayed.

Three bells today in the tower of Bray!!



Dec. 31st, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC)
Visually interesting in that though it was dark there was lots of texture and moodiness and the camera LOVED Johnny Depp, which lingers on him so much that you have this, "Wait, I thought there was other stuff going on them him looking tortured."

One thing I hated - sure Johanna has yellow hair. But what's up with the weird bleached eyebrows. And I read that JD said he developed the look of the white streak in his hair, but I thought DT had that in the 1982 version?
Dec. 31st, 2007 02:17 pm (UTC)
It's such a departure from the stage! Which is totally the opposite of face-centric. There is other stuff going on than him looking tortured! Which is why I found it boring.

I think the character has always had crazy hair, but it's usually silver all over.