keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Another opening of the Musical Box...

I did not tell you about my weekend. Why don't I do that now.

1. I got drunk and went shopping (Thursday). In that order. YES, it makes the decisions alot easier. Also: FUNNER.

2. I got drunk and went duckpin bowling with some femjays. Not quite in that order. It makes the bowling less easy. I also made an ass of myself. But: FUNNER.

3. I drove to Pottstown, PA to my Genesis friends' house and we listened to the 5.1 stuff. Because they have 5.1 and think nothing of sitting around and listening to music. AWESOMESAUCE.

4. They drove me from there over to the Keswick theater, a nice old place from back when people were less wide (TINY SEATS) and saw The Musical Box, new drummer and all. We kibbutzed with other forumites beforehand (ahh, music geeks) and the show was PHENOMENAL. During the Firth guitar solo, I felt bolts of musical energy nail me to the back of my seat.

5. I came home, fought a raging headache all day, but managed to file a ton of stuff, shred a ton of stuff, and do laundry.

6. I made Jack wrap presents while I made (burned) presents. (Monday) We realized that basically all TV is over until the writers come back. It was liberating. We had our first Pizza Hut pizza in a long while. It is better if you wait a long time in between.
Tags: bowling, food, genesis, shows
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