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Yesterday at Tea I asked a question which stumped most of the attendees. I didn't mean to depress everyone! Now I am going to depress all of you. The question was:

Can you think of a skill you have obtained and developed to an intermediate or advanced level since you became an adult? (We arbitrarily defined adult as age 22.)

A number of caveats were proposed, and for some reason people were reluctant to declare any computer skills, I'm not sure why. I can't remember what prompted the question but it's sourced in my own psyche from a deep frustration with myself in never crossing the rubicon of intermediateness. I said that in the past three years I grew a work ethic, but Upendra said that doesn't count. I do know that many of you on my f-list have acquired skills and could be considered advanced at them, so maybe you don't ALL have to be depressed.

I recently started up a community called tiny_houses for my two tiny house friends, but maybe there are more of you lurking out there, so please feel free to join. I suspect it'll be mostly links, but maybe we will philosophize about them. But! In the interest of not just self-promoting, tzel has a pet community too, hers is midlantic_steam. It is for all things steampunk on the eastern seaboard. Ideas, crafting, fiction, gatherings, etc.! I also suggest, as a note, her community telfs_tea_room for recipes and ideas for decadence and elegance on a budget.

In other news, reports of my father's retirement are entirely true! Go congratulate him because damn, he worked hard, particularly to help raise, feed, clothe, and educate yours truly. And yes, it is weird to see my father use the mood icon "bouncy".
Tags: parents, survey, tiny houses
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