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This not being able to print different sample messages from XMLSpy is really, really chapping my cookies.

However! My cookies can only get so chapped because I went to a lovely meditation seminar this weekend and learned alot about how the storm can fill up the sky, but does not break it. I found the lessons to be very helpful, particularly in regards to work which I think wasn't even the intention. The first teacher (who looked SO MUCH LIKE crafting_change it was eerie) explained a scenario in which more work is piled on you because of other people's vacations, and how you can then approach that work with resentment and a pre-set unwillingness to do the work (it seems obvious, but the way she expressed it was like a little light bulb going off in my head) which while not immediately applicable to me (I don't know enough yet to really DO a whole lot of work) is certainly something I used to enact in my head on a nearly daily basis. The experience in general left me wanting to ask a whole lot of questions about the actual formalities of this particular school itself; there was an altar-type thing, and I *still* don't really understand too much about whether there are rules, and what makes some people decide to be monks as opposed to just practicing. An amusing footnote: I thought to myself beforehand, "Self, you should not wear a watch to the meditation seminar. How uncool would it be to be checking the time? Just live in that moment, aware." And wouldn't you know that both monks who spoke to us? Wore watches and checked them regularly. HA! See how much I know.

I also attended two different Christmas tree trimmings, which were fantastic and made me feel very much more in the spirit of the season. Click on through to see the photos!


Oh! And Saturday night we went out to On The Border and had a really, really good meal and I am officially completely converted into someone who likes guacamole. Jeez, what's next? Asparagus??? After dinner I dragged Jack through Loehmann's and he bought me a bottle of RL's Polo Blue. Notes: "The following notes are combined to create this cool, yet warm & spicy fragrance: aquatic accords, spicy basil, verbena, clary sage, washed suede, velvety moss, and sheer musk." It's SO perfect for me for winter right now. I wish I could reapply... I think I will go home and do just that. And yes, I still prefer men's cologne mom!!

Also: How is it that Christmas cookies can actually be kind of bad, but you crave them anyways because they are Christmas Cookies?

Tonight: Book Club Christmas Party!!!
Tomorrow: Final Exam!!!!
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