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I've been blathering in person about some of these links lately, so I figured I'd post 'em up for the world:

Get Rich Slowly's Discussion on Education Cost-Benefit for Adults

43 Folders Article on the $40 Eyeglasses

The little brown dress project: No really, every day for a year.

First sentence of every month meme.

January: This sort of sums up my weekend, doesn't it? (pic)

February: Proof that I'm a nutjob.

March: A while back, an LJ friend who I consider one of the top 5 humorists on my friends list challenged her friends to create an American Idol mix.

April: This weekend I ended up having no plans!

May: I am having a blast.

June: Before I forget: mountainwitch, I recieved your package!

July: since my last real update i... went to a softball game that got rained out anyways

August: Someone find words to encourage me not to just up and walk out of here and go get a job at Home Depot.

September: It is self-pep-talk o'clock.

October: I made it to Pottstown, PA last Thursday in time to catch up with my friends Tara and Chris and head up to Giants Stadium!!!

November: I got my hair done yesterday!

December: If you are concerned about music and legal stuff or have a hate on for ClearChannel, take a gander at this link here about the live music venue in downtown Silver Spring.
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